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Maintaining a professional blog

Image by Andrew Neel


  1. Blogging will increase your understanding of things. When you explain to others, you begin to understand better yourself.

  2. If you have to explain something for the third time. write a post and provide a link to it. This will save time in the future.

  3. Some posts will be useful to other people. These people will trust you more. This happens very quickly within the company and changes attitudes and atmosphere.

  4. A professional blog is better than any resume.

  5. A blog is a personal project. Blogging trains self-discipline and the ability to manage long projects.

  6. A blog works like a collection of thoughts: I described an idea and freed up space in my head for the next one.

  7. A blog is good for learning a new area of knowledge. Keep a blog like a diary, organize information. This will serve as proof that you are ready for real challenges in this field.


  • Start blogging early on in becoming a professional in your field. By posting, you receive criticism, hone your logic, style, and increase your level of relevant knowledge.

  • Start a blog in WordPress, LiveJournal, Tumbir, Telegram, Instagram. Or register a domain, buy hosting, install and configure the blog engine.

  • Make your first post. Repost on your social networks.

  • After the first posts, make a schedule. Come up with regular sections.


  • "Safe" topics: link selection. Try to “sell” the link. Write why it’s worth switching, why it catches you, why it may interest the reader.

  • Posts about books you read, how to read books, your notes from books.

  • Original articles. Analysis of cases, problems, how you solved them. 

  •  Checklists for different occasions.

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