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7 main ways
how to grab attention on social networks


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Number of main elements of the article

This group includes headings that contain a list of the main elements of the article. For example:

  • 15 Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment

  • 42 services for processing photos on your phone that all bloggers use

  • 15 sites where you can download videos for free

  • 57 main services for competitor analysis

TOP listing

This is roughly the same as the previous method, but here the superlative “best” is used or the prefix “TOP” is added. Here are some examples:

  • 80 best Telegram bots

  • 14 best services for scheduled posting on social networks

  • Top 15 books on markting

  • 15 Best Link Shortening Services


The percentage nature of numbers and figures is often associated with efficiency, and this emphasis always attracts the attention of readers. Moreover, these do not necessarily have to be only advertising headlines. Check out these types of percentage headlines:

  • How to return 20% of expenses with real money to a card?

  • We will increase the company's profit by 50%

  • You waste 40% of your energy. Channel your energy in the right direction

  • How I increased my income by 40% in a week


This point does not require any special explanation. We simply write a specific number in time terms (minutes, seconds, days, years, etc.):


  • How to make a video for Instagram in 30 seconds?

  • 21 best services

  • The most important 30 minutes of the day

  • Lose weight in 30 days - the main mistakes of 23 years of my life

Money and price

Let's talk about the price right away. This type of headline is perfect for simple products or services with quick decision-making. Here are some examples:


  • Buy one book, take the second one for 1 ruble

  • Taxi for 50 rubles

  • How to save 15,000 rubles more than usual in six months

  • Increased cafe profits by 1,000,000 rubles due to one change


A method similar to "Percentage". The only difference is that here we replace % with “times”:

  • How to spend 3 times less time on household items?

  • Double your income in just one evening!

  • How to increase website conversion by 10 times?

  • How to manage to do 2 times more per day by implementing 3 rules


In this case, we write about the serial number of something. To do this, you can use the N° sign or write in words:

  • My attempt N°5 in self-knowledge

  • Book No. 1 in personal ranking

  • How to give a second life to a washing machine?

  • Rule N°1 when choosing good chocolate

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