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Media service and complex analytics

Sociological research

  • We will perform a full range of research combining traditional and innovative research approaches

  • We will study and analyze socio-political and economic processes

  • We will conduct individual research and expertise with a wide range of methods and tools to solve your problems

  • Compose questionnaires using paper questionnaires (PAPI) and tablet computers (CAPI)

  • Prepare an analytical report on the results of the study

Marketing research

  • We will analyze the market potential for brand products

  • We will identify your competitive advantages, conduct a comparative analysis with competitors

  • We will analyze the points of contact between customers and the company and identify barriers to interaction

  • We will determine the key representatives of target audience groups using the “character method”

  • We will collect and analyze data using sociological research of any complexity

  • We will perform a media analysis of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

  • We explore foreign markets (Asia, Africa, Europe)

  • We pack analytics in any format convenient for you

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